Monday, April 04, 2005


I ain't got no scanner, my tablet is getting unpredictable and ratty, and the hard drive with my beloved art programs is now playing mumblety-peg with its magnetic disks.

So, behold the magic of MS Paint! From my cube! With a mouse!

Wow, I can see why people blog so much. The crushing boredom! Allow me to enthrall you with tales of how incredibly bored I am! Or maybe you could, I don't know, attach alligator clips to yourself and run around saying "augh! They've got me! Run for your lives!" before going into a 'death roll' on your boss' nice carpeted office.

As a side note, is strangely greedy. It keeps redirecting my image HTML to ''.



Darren Torpey said...

I can't say for sure (in the case of the image), but I think the problem you're having with URLs is that you're leaving out the all-important "http://" in them.

In your first post, you have a bad link (to your wiki site) because you typed real page instead of real page. So don't forget the "http://"! Without it, browsers such as Firefox correctly interpret any given URL as being relative to the current site.

Darius Kazemi said...

Hey, I didn't know you had a blog. I'll add you to my aggregator and blogroll.

Also, on the whole blogs-are-ephemeral thing: yes, I agree with you, but I prefer blogs to websites because I can subscribe to a feed and have new content delivered straight to me. Combine that with a social bookmarking service like and I can categorize every post that I think is remotely interesting myself, and keep track of it for all eternity.