Monday, April 25, 2005

Addendum to Action Expanded

Hmm, I wasn't perfectly clear. I don't want to leave this unanswered.

Of course my pants have positive threat.

No, really, what I wanted to say is that empathic threat association exists in all forms of media. You like Darth Vader because he kicks the llama's ass.

But games can convey that EXQUISITELY using live gameplay, instead of just showing it. Darth kicks ass because someone WROTE him kicking ass. If you're playing a Star Wars Dark Side game, Darth kicks ass because YOU'RE MAKING HIM KICK ASS. You KNOW what the median power level is, and you KNOW HOW MUCH POWER he has by seeing him plow through it.

Hmmm. Maybe you could do this just as effectively in other media. But it is so well suited for games, either way.


Darth's pants have positive threat, too. The Force is with his pants.

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