Monday, April 18, 2005

Are they Liberal, or Stupid?

I was wandering Seattle yesterday - Seattle, known for being one of the most bleeding-heart liberal cities IN THE WORLD. I stumbled across a nice WWII memorial. People's names inscribed on dark stone, occasional quotes from people who... well, didn't fight in the war. Nice.

Surrounding these stones was a six-inch-wide moat of running water. Underneath the inch or so of water were tiles, each clearly labeled 'RESENT'.

Whoa! Resent? Them's AWFULLY strong sentiments.

Further examination, however, showed that some of the stones said 'ESENT' or simply 'SENT'. VERY close examination revealed that, by some quirk of running water, letters had been filled in with a dark gunk, starting with the first letter, rendering them pretty much invisible. Originally, the word had been 'PRESENT'.

Now, I have no idea what 'PRESENT' is supposed to represent, but I suppose it's less offensive than 'RESENT'. Still, I think I gained a momentary respect for Seattle - I may think they're IDIOTS, but with a divisive war memorial, at least they're being honest and forthright. Now, instead of being honest, forthright idiots, they're just idiots. How unfortunate.

(As an aside, I'm not a republican, and I'm not a democrat. Unfortunately, both sides are painfully stupid.)

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