Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Green and Purple!

TerraNova had an article on 'designeritis' - the theory that how you experience something changes the more you know about how that something was designed. My problem isn't with designeritis, it's with wearing different hats. Not even different hats: different colors of the same hat.

I've been drawing cartoons daily for several months now, as an excersize both to hone my artistic skills and my comedic skills. Also, I've been writing scripts - none humorous, yet - for about a year pretty seriously. I haven't written anything but scripts and comics and these kinds of essays.

I read quite a lot, back in the old days, but recently it's all been comic books and science books. I very recently started reading STORIES again. And you know what I'd found?

I can't read them!

I kept thinking things like "hmm, that's never going to fly with the director" and "no, no, he can't show that with images, so it's going to have to be re-done". I've gotten so stuck in a 'comic/movie' mindset that phrases like "He'd been addicted since high school" strike me as absolutely horrible writing, because it can't be shown on a movie screen as stated.

It's made it almost impossible to read ANY kind of story. I wonder if anyone else has this kind of problem - you specialize so much in a particular sub-field that all the other sub-fields are painful?

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