Friday, April 08, 2005


Everyone who is serious about games gets into thinking about using games for learning at some point. For me, I think games are an excellent way to teach (although, of course, not as cost-efficient as people seem to think).

In fact, I think games are TOO good at teaching.

I mumbled at Darius earlier today about it, but I realized that my reasoning was a little... off-center from the topic. I'm not against creating educational games.

I'm against TEACHERS creating educational games.

Considering I've respected a grand total of maybe ten teachers I've EVER MET. Out of literally hundreds, including many college professors. And even those teachers I respect, I don't trust to use memetics responsibly.

And, being obsessed with memetics even when it doesn't seem like it, I don't want to give teachers any effective tools for spreading their idiot memes through my precious, unspoiled future population. They do 'good' enough as it is. :)

So, that's what I was thinking, Darius. Trying to avoid giving the idiot memes a better launching pad. Not that I can stop them.

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