Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Yesterday, I bought The Incredibles DVD. May I offer heartfelt applause to Pixar? Yes, I may. Okay, that's enough applause.

But the distribution companies need to get over this strange obsession they have with packaging. I'm not sure if it turns them on or what, but I bought The Incredibles and brought it home.

At which point I proceeded to remove the nice box/cover thing. Damn, it was on there tight.

At which point I spent a minute and a half removing the outer plastic shrink-wrap.

At which point I spent three and a half minutes removing the MULTIPLE side-closing pieces of 'security' tape.

At which point I put my DVD in and got to watch an FBI warning telling me I shouldn't pirate movies!

It's not actually the WORST I've ever seen it. Once I bought a box set, and the box and EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL DVD was carefully shrink-wrapped and security-tape sealed.

I'm a little curious as to the reasons for this. It kind of boggles my mind. How the hell could I have gotten the DVD out of the case through a box, cellophane, and tape, all without them noticing? Are they MORE likely to notice if I take an extra two minutes on top of the first two minutes? I would think they would STILL not be paying any attention.

And if the main problem is shoplifting - ha ha - then why the hell do they have these long-winded mandatory (and often in French, too, because French people make up 48% of the world population) "don't copy this DVD or we'll find out in our magic 8-ball and put you in our subterrainian mole-man prison!"?

Given that copied movies usually leave off the FBI warning anyway... and copying a DVD is a hell of a lot easier than STEALING one...

Well, I'm flummoxed.

But, damn, Pixar. You did good.

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Darren Torpey said...

Vickie & I also enjoyed The Incredibles a lot. We also recommend Robots, which just came out recently. You'll know the entire plot after five or ten minutes (if you've ever seen a movie before), but it's a fun ride nonetheless. Oh, and the dominos scene is just AWESOME.

You can tell that the people who make these movies are just bursting with creativity; they're the type who wake up at 3am and just start drawing. =)