Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I'm working on my next project - an actual (if small) game. It's called "Kampaku".

One day I noticed that nearly all war games are about fighting, when in reality (at least, hundreds of years ago) much war was about maneuvering and cutting supply lines. So, I set out to build a game about military endeavors where cutting and defending supply lines is as critical as actually capturing cities. It's simple, but already appears to be deep. It also comes with a whole bunch of fun information options - fog of war, for example.

I'm not sure if it's fun yet: the enemy AI isn't programmed.

I'm not entirely sure how long it will take to program. I'm hoping the core program will be done by Monday, and level scripting only a week further. However, at the moment, I have a bug. One of those bitchy ones that doesn't go away even after hammering your head against it for hours. It would help to have a real debug suite for T2D.


A Nakama said...

It sounds like Go, except a lot less abstract.

It also sounds like you could pretty easily mod an existing strategy game to encompass that, like Alpha Centauri or something. Not that the fulfills your goal of original work. But your idea sounds more like something of a feature to a really great game than the center of a really great game in and of itself.

Not to rain on your parade or anything. I'd be up for playtesting it if you release a playable version. :)

Craig Perko said...

Err... I think you have very much the wrong idea.

The game isn't anything like go, and it's totally unlike anything even vaguely related to Alpha Centauri.

Adding a central theme (supply lines) as a feature to an existing game is asking to fail. This is a simple, casual game I'm building specifically because it makes you think differently than most other wargames. Also, it should allow me to test various theories...