Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Sony's newest plan to fail to take over the world.

Gnhhhh... bwa ha ha ha ha!

I pwomise I won't wesell your nice pwetty games, Sony.

Exactly how are you planning on enforcing this? And if you do, exactly how are you planning on keeping your players?


GregT said...

This isn't going to pan out; it's probably just retailers having some ill-informed reaction to that whole patent thing from a while back. Sony's previously stated that it isn't going to use DRM in connection with PS3 games. It would be hugely stupid of them to make their console more unpalatable than it already is at this stage. "Retail sources" says to me they talked to one clerk at one store who shot his mouth off based on forum speculation.

Craig Perko said...

I hope so, but I can see it happening. Especially given Sony's obsession with DRM.

The way they've phrased it isn't some random rumor troll's idea. If it is a hoax, it's from someone who knows what he's doing: it's entirely plausable from a legal point of view. Of course, not so plausable from a realistic point of view...

kestrel404 said..., that was an official sony announcement, not a panicked rumor.

There are three distinct possibilities here:
1) Sony gets their pants sued off for this stupid stunt
2) They don't bother to enforce this, and business continues as normal (Most unlikely)
3) Sony wins the impending lawsuits and the shrinkwrap-license schemes around the world get a huge legal boost. Also, the PS3 becomes the least-sold console in history (underselling both the Turbografix 16 and Dreamcast!).

I'm hoping for that first option, but unfortunately Sony has TOO MUCH MONEY and we'll likely end up with scenario #3.

Jason O said...

I'm not sure how this seems like a good idea to them. It may seem like they're losing money to the secondhand market, but they will also lose money if they make people think that Sony products have no value.

Which, by the way, is how I will interpret Sony products if I cannot buy them used or trade them in. That means no matter how much I pay for the game, it becomes worth $0 the second it comes into my possession. Well played, Sony, well played.