Monday, May 08, 2006

Looking at you

Ugh. Caffiene withdrawal. I really don't learn very fast, do I?

The sad thing is, it was one Barq's. :P

Here's something I drew to try to stay awake:


Patrick Dugan said...

Craig I think your long term interests would be best fueled if you produced a context specific engine that provided a very constrained and stylized attempt at social challenge, something like HMH. Seeing this pic had convinced my of this, think of how interesting a female Hacker would be, what role she would play in the team dynamic. Theres some interesting potential to work with, from a writing and design standpoint.

If you focused on small projects that would help you get to the HMH engine desig, you would be much better off than if you try to make a huge grand engine solution in the near future. You can do that, but spend at least a year on designing sellable products.

Craig Perko said...

I'm aware of that.

I just need to decide what...


kestrel404 said...

Hey, you're drawing has gotten a lot better since college. Looks nice.