Saturday, May 13, 2006

Rise of Legends

Yesterday I played Rise of Legends on a borrowed laptop for maybe four hours.

First off, the game was pretty good. I don't like RTS games competitively - for rather complex reasons I'll go into later - but I do like playing them solo.

However, more important than the playing of the game was the watching of the game. In my entire time playing, I don't think I spent more than ten or fifteen minutes really playing it solo. I always had at least one person watching the game - I peaked out at about half a dozen people watching.

These were a pretty solid cross-section of the gaming population. I think there's something important about that.

Of course, it didn't hurt that the game's strategic game lends itself to a very clear and fairly interesting narrative. But beyond that, I think that people should keep in mind that their game could very well have an audience: will have an audience, if it is going to spread by word of mouth.

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