Tuesday, September 13, 2005


This is a very quick and dirty summary of the "To The Future!" game idea. Lemme know if you have any thoughts on the matter.


Textual Harassment said...

Sounds like it could be a pretty funny game with much of the same kind of appeal as The Sims and other more management-oriented sims.

A nerd commune seems like a bizarre setting that few people could relate to. I'd set it in the labs of a university or corporation--just to put a less awkward name to it.

I'm wondering how the player would control the play loops. Would one be able to control the researchers directly--moving them around and telling them who to talk to--or just managing the lab by deciding who to hire and what to research? What is the player's avatar?

Craig Perko said...

A college setting is okay, but not ideal - too much academic interference. Maybe a "think tank" setting would be okay, but I'm not worried about having a bizarre situation.

The player doesn't have an avatar, similar to the Sims. A bit like the Sims, the character management is automated with intrusions. I haven't decided whether "extended commands", such as "don't ever talk to that guy", will be available. It would be more coding work.

But the idea is that you're not managing their low-level life: they can figure out all the basics for themselves. You're really just focusing on interpersonal relationships and the parts of their lifestyle which affect their work. Also, unlike the Sims, the geeks change over time depending on their situation and what your orders are - change both professionally and personally.

The important thing to remember is that all the play loops are deeply intertwined and they all feed back on themselves. I didn't write down all the ways they mix, although I hinted at most of them. In the full documentation, they are explicitly explained. :)

Darius Kazemi said...

Sounds neat, except it seems like the Plot will be a pain in the ass to get right. And the whole thing doesn't seem like it will be a walk in the park to code, but then I'm not really a coder, so who am I to warn you?

Craig Perko said...

I've already coded most of it.

As I said, the hard part is the second play loop. I've already coded most of that. The others I've coded several times over the past ten years.

If it's going to be difficult, it'll come from something I don't see.

Darius Kazemi said...

It always comes from something you don't see.

Craig Perko said...

Yeah, that's true. We'll see. Wish me luck!