Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Different Strokes for the Same Folks

I made a bunch of different small portraits for the same androgenous character - using a bunch of different lineart styles. I did these styles without reference material, so they're kind of... tainted by my stereotypes. Still, they serve to show a bunch of ways the same character can be shown.

It's supposed to be androgenous, but I think it's a female, because some of the styles don't let you have androgenous characters. I really need to learn how to scale my artwork, because these looked really crappy shrunk. So you get the full-size pieces.

These were drawn on my tablet. Altogether, they took just about an hour. Why did I do this? Because I wish I could get full-quality pieces out of this damn tablet! It's practice.

My default comic style. I have more and less detailed standards, but this is a nice, mid-range model that gets you where you're going without costing you a fortune in graphite. Even though I don't use graphite.

Stereotypical manga style. Obviously, influenced by none other than me. It's how I draw, when someone asks me to draw in manga or anime style, although with a few extra lines added.

Classic newsprint, the kind of thing you see in old-fashioned comic books.

A little into the indie scene we find "punk", which has been growing in popularity for a while now. I made the name up, but hopefully you recognize the style: it's the self-absorbed artist obsessed with "gothy" culture and acid rock. And acid. This is androgenous!

Yeah. Proudly indie comics are just... like, so cutting edge, man.

I think this is a pretty little style. I've seen it once or twice, but I don't think it originated from a particular artist. It's painfully cute and really easy to draw. So I'll just call it "Rosenkrantz" style.

Maybe I should call it the "Oakley", out of sheer respect, but he certainly didn't originate it. It's been around since, what, the 1800s? So I'll name it "Guildenstern".

You know, I said I didn't have any reference materials, but I think I really nailed this one. "Marvel" style.

Here's some more that I didn't deem worthy of putting front-page:

What do you get when you reduce manga down to minimum lines so that the inbetweeners don't stab you with their pointy implements of mass creation? Anime-style. Easy to draw, easy to skip.

CLAMP style manga will drive you MAAAAD. Believe it or not, this is, in fact, how androgenous CLAMP characters look.

Another indie style is "pulp". Because they can't draw anything even passably beautiful, they make everyone ragged, rugged, and ugly. Children with old-man wrinkles. Women that look like this. I hate these types of comics - the artists are even more self-absorbed than punk style artists.

There are a lot of other styles out there. Any you care to suggest? I'll whip up a portrait for it.

Which ones are your favorites? Which ones do you hate the most?


Darius Kazemi said...

Would you consider Frank Miller to be "pulp"? I always liked Glenn Fabry's covers, and he seems to fall into that category too.

Craig Perko said...

Frank Miller certainly draws in that same kind of style, but he has redeeming features. Most of the people who draw like that don't: they just can't draw anything beautiful, so their stories are universally bleak.

I'm not entirely sure what Glenn Fabry has done - are you talking the guy who did the Preacher covers? There's a difference between drawing tired, ugly people and having tired, ugly drawings.

Anonymous said...

CLAMP isn't exactly THAT and just that--your way of thinking is like a one-way track-rigid and self-centered. I've read all your blogs so far and I deem you to be a living example of a conceited loser who thinks everything he does are the tops--obviously CLAMP's art style deserves better than being covered up!! Not to mention your sorry attempt at imitating the original is like rotten tomatoes squashed up in cat poo. In fact, you may draw very well but your characters have no unique quality in them. I certainly wouldn't be able to recgonize them from a compilation of works--contrastingly all genuine manga artists have their own trademark style--which, I presume, is too tedious a copy so you take the alternative route by condemning it. Please bear in mind that 96% of the comic community out there would pick CLAMP's artworks over yours. Get a life 0.0

Craig Perko said...

Wheee! Thanks very much, brave fourteen-year-old, for showing me the truth that I did not know.

The terms you want are "provincial" and "egotistic", by the way. They're much nastier words.