Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Burying Caesar

Yesterday evening was spent hunting for a particular mystery novel for my grandfather. I finally tracked down the "Seattle Mystery Bookshop" (or something like that). It was in a suitable place: underground, behind a metal fence, behind a concrete wall, with the door shrouded by deep holes in the pavement and construction barricades. Very picturesque. Too bad it closed half an hour before I got there. Is it me, or does closing that early seem like a very strange thing for a shop specializing in murders?

After that, I really didn't have enough time to do anything USEFUL, so I played some piano and drew the following. Then I watched three episodes of Monk. As I said, I didn't have time to do anything useful.

Funny thing, what takes forever. The figures didn't take much time, but the tote bag took half an hour. :P

The small version.

The large version.

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