Friday, September 16, 2005

Bone and Content

The new Bone game is out, as you probably noticed. I played the demo. Everyone seems so excited, and I'm not sure why. The demo was five minutes long - it had just one puzzle. The puzzle was cute, but hardly innovative, and it still had that blocky "pause the universe and wait" feeling that made me dislike adventure games in the first place. The second thing it showed was a bad action sequence.

And, of course, the voices don't match the ones I have in my head.

Why is everyone so excited about this? Has anyone bought it? Can anyone tell me if it's worth $20? Is it worthy of the Bone franchise name?


On a side note, I got a bit of a scare. Look at this photo. What are the first things you notice? Go and look.

If you're like me, the first thing you notice is the smiling woman. Compositionally, she's the focus. The second thing I noticed was the blue product, whatever it is, quickly followed by the white product, then the wine. Somewhere during that I absorbed the fact that this was a Christmas scene - the wrappings, although not directly looked at, were acknowledged.

I never noticed the man's face. I dismissed the pic as an advertisement - although it's not - and never noticed the primary feature of the picture.

Wow. My brain has been trained to utterly dismiss advertisements and the people in them. If I had seen the products first, I would never have seen the woman's face at all.

There's SO MUCH that can be learned from that, but first I guess I'd need to know what you guys saw. Comment!

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