Monday, May 23, 2005

Weekend... of Doom!

So, I spent the majority of my weekend programming. To be specific, I spent nearly 20 straight hours programming, aside from hygeine and food. On Saturday.

Just to play around, I made a game. It used the innate physics engine to create a mess of various debris bouncing around, and you got to navigate through it. Your gun fired a weight which, of course, was also a piece of debris. I also used a rudimentary stress tester to give rewards, encouragements, and mockery. If you were in the thick of it, barely dodging things, the game would encourage you and even give you a power-up for dying (although you still lost a life).

It was, ultimately, a futile game. It was also not really very much fun. After all, I was just trying to figure out how to do all the things I needed to do. That said, it was still a bit depressing when I saved over my "20th hour" program with my "15th hour" program and erased so much hard work.

But probably for the best. If I hadn't accidentally destroyed it, I would have wasted all of Sunday on that evolutionary dead-end instead of, uh... sleeping and reading comics.

Still, I have a REAL game planned out. Simple, eminently playable, and using my very own Pattern Adaptation Control system, which I have alluded to but not yet posted. Hopefully, it will be very fun. We'll see. I expect to have a marginally useful version by next Monday.

One of the most exciting weekend adventures was into the realm of SOUND. The most fun part of the game I made - both in playing and in programming - was probably the sound. The game had two heartbeats, several cute sound effects for various situations, and an utterly nonexistent backbone of special effects.

To commemorate my sounds, I have made this comic:

Here are some samples of my awe-inspiring sound, created with my mouth and a one-dollar microphone. Warning: by "awe-inspiring", I mean "static-ridden and nearly silent".

The 'you suck' death
One of the heartbeat sounds


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