Monday, May 16, 2005

Jedi, Damn it!

Edit: Exchanged comics for large versions.

I've got three things to say today, and this is the first. Over the weekend, I was playing a Star Wars game. More precisely, TRYING to play a Star Wars game. What were they thinking?

I have commemorated the destruction of the Star Wars universe in these two comics. Why must you kill my dreams, Mr. Lucas?

Hmm, these looked bigger at home. I'll bring in the large versions tomorrow.

Gameplay Notes.
Writing Notes.

The real rant:

All the gameplay points to being evil. There's no reward for being good. But being evil is efficient AND cool. There's certainly no quest-related rewards for being good. I LIKE being good.

I want to be good, but the good quests are so mind-numbingly awful that I just can't. I pity the person who actually lives in that universe.

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