Thursday, May 26, 2005

Mmmm, Brains...

When it comes to brains, I am probably one of the most well-educated armchair neurobiologists and psychologists on this floor of this building. Me, I love brains. Which makes sense, given that I've got this huge HEAD, and I'd like to think it's full of BRAIN. Unfortunately, experiences such as 'roller-skid-down-the-street-on-your-face-ing' have, in fact, given direct evidence AGAINST my gray-matter content and FOR most of that volume being SKULL.

That said, I still study brains. One thing that's been fairly clear to me since I was... oh, one-digit old, is that my BRAIN really hogs my whole life. With it comes a distinct set of preferences and tendencies which are... unusual, but easily taken advantage of in most cases.

For example, my mood is almost entirely solar powered. If it's sunny out (especially if I'm out in the sun), I'm in a great mood. If it's not, I'm not. This totally supercedes any kind of thing which SHOULD affect my mood, such as severe pain or, as with today and tomorrow, totally worthless days at work.

I've tried some alternative light therapies, because this really kills me in these northern winters. None of them have really done jack, though.

The remaining solution is obvious: I have to move to Hawaii. Or Bermuda.

Anyhow, the long and short of this story is that knowing what kind of affect MY brain has on ME, I assume that other people are affected by their brains in their own ways. Wouldn't it be best for you to know what your brain likes and dislikes? wouldn't it be best to try to keep your brain at peak operation?

If you've never looked into keeping your brain fit, you've never looked into keeping your MIND and MOOD fit. The two are intensely related, and they are your WHOLE LIFE, aside from visits to the bathroom.

Speaking as someone who would like to think he benefits from paying attention to his brain, PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR BRAIN. If you never have, here's a fairly okay article:

I especially like the way that they continually say, "Well, who knows, it MIGHT help, and it couldn't hoit!"

Me, I love neurobiology. It's neat. Neurobiologists are HOT! I want one! I'll pet him and play with him and call him George.

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