Friday, October 28, 2005

Scaling Images

Remember when I was whining about how shrinking the portraits made the people look bad in Machine City? Go here, look halfway down the page when they start talking about faces.


The core difference, far as I can see, is that the linework and shading are two different faces. When you squint, or are far away, the linework fades and you're left with the shading. From close up, the linework dominates.

Since I have little shading on my portraits, that would probably explain why they look crappy when scaled down.



Darius Kazemi said...

"This illusion is fairly easy to do in the Gimp (and presumably Photoshop). Take two headshots and crop them so they line up reasonably well. Blur one enough that the detail disappears, but the face is still recognizable. Use an 'Edge Detect' filter on the other. Overlay the two and viola! The edge-detected image will be visible up close, and the blurred image will be visible if you squint."

from Boing Boing

Craig Perko said...

Nice thanks!