Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Love the Media!

So, I'm looknig at today's "USA TODAY (NO. 1 IN THE USA)". One of the headlines is "1 in 4 Iraq vets ailing on return". Beneath that, it gives these stats: 47% saw someone wounded or killed, or saw a dead body. 14% had an experience which left them easily startled.

Oh my god, how horrible! People who signed up to be trained to kill, were trained to kill, and were sent off to kill... saw dead bodies and had dangerous experiences? Oh my god! How can this be? Especially among those sent back - which includes mostly the injured and those who have had long tours of duty. Gee, what'r the odds?

I won't bother condoning or condemning what is going on in Iraq - nobody ever changes their mind about that kind of thing. However, I think everyone can agree that soldiers seeing injured or dead people is hardly front-page news.

Shock: When interviewed, 47% of fathers had seen someone wounded, and 14% of them had experiences which left them unpleasantly close to human excrement. These statistics were found to be much higher among mothers!

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