Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Game Advances

Yesterday I implemented gunners and fixed about 1200 bugs in the equipment selection screen. I also drew people.

I thought I brought the full-size portraits, but I didn't. Here's the smaller ones. As you can see, they don't scale very well. They'll have to be re-drawn.

These are the two anti-social members of your (tentative) party. Your doctor and your cook/surly handyman. Each "faction" in the game has its own color scheme - not uniforms, just a kind of unifying theme to keep the player aware of who is who. Your team is gold and blue. Each person adheres to it loosely.

Color is really pretty important. The doctor's colors - gold and wine - should imply a regal and intellectually robust character. The cut of her clothing - which you can't see here - is mostly straight lines. All together, it should be clear she is intelligent, restrained, probably arrogant, and full of knowledge and secrets. Since that's precisely what the character is, I hope that's what the pieces portray when combined.

The cook was drawn at 512x512, so this is really a very bad compression. I'll show the original at some point so you can see what I mean. :P

The cook's colors are gray and copper, and along with his rumpled appearance, this is supposed to suggest a worn-out man with no particular allegiance. His craggy face and eyepatch are intended to suggest that he's worn-out for a reason. The eyepatch and his sour mouth also suggest he isn't entirely trustworthy. People with eyepatches can't be trusted. He's one of the two people in the game that wear blue jeans.

Wheee! Because I'm sure everyone is wildly interested, I'll post the other (tentative) members of your party as they are drawn.

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