Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Movies

I've been reading up on The Movies, which is one of those games which gets me excited just thinking about it. But - get this - THERE IS NO USER GENERATED CONTENT.

You can "create" your stars, dress them in any of the included clothing, put them on any of the included sets, have them do any of the pre-scripted scenes. But you can't create NEW clothing/skins/models, new sets, new events.

AAARRRRRGH! What the hell is wrong with Peter Molyneux? What was he THINKING? How can he possibly release a game like this without letting the players create their own content?

He's scared that people will make R-rated or worse movies, I'm sure. But now his game will die in a matter of months. Come on! This game had such PROMISE!

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Craig Perko said...

Side note: In my mind, this failure to embrace the future proves Molyneux is definitely second-fiddle to Wright. That's a shame, because nothing advances an industry as fast as having two competing geniuses.

This chance was his chance to equal Wright's genius. Now, he's going nowhere and Wright is not just pioneering the future: he is creating it. Molyneux is screwing up, and he's falling too far behind the runner in first.