Monday, August 22, 2005

Weekend Programming Update

I bet you thought I'd been slacking off the past three weeks.

Well, actually, it was more "cursing at the hardware failures", but I also have programmed half of the infrastructure for not one but TWO games.

This one is under the working title "Chipped and Overclocked", and is of the underloved "watch the robot you built fight" genre. I'm about half way through the "building the mech" infrastructure, while I already have about 85% of the "program the mech" infrastructure (missing some commands, but everything that's in there works and none of the missing ones look difficult). The combat infrastructure is only marginally started (just the basics, so I can make the programming part actually scan, move, and fire), but it should be the easiest part, given that all I need to do is add health, heat, debris, etc.

Obviously, graphics are placeholders.


The other one is under the working title "COGENT", and is a reverse-parser text adventure - with the capability to be turned into a representative text adventure using sprites if I please. I've only worked on it a little, so about a third of the infrastructure is done, and the only object which exists at present is a chair and YOU. But, damn it, you can sit in that chair and then get out of it, and that's something!

The backbone of COGENT is theoretically much more powerful that most text adventure games - and I should know, being something of an expert. At any rate, it's a downright relaxing break from the nitty-gritty of Chipped.

For tolerably obvious reasons, the screenshots weren't worth taking.

I also played a little ScrapLand. Wow, does that game blow. I could rant about it for two pages, but to preserve what little dignity I have, I will refrain.

I hope everyone else had as nice a weekend!

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