Thursday, July 21, 2005

Star Trekked

I don't qualify as a Star Trek geek. When I was young, I certainly was. I loved Star Trek and Star Trek, the Next Generation. I rather grew out of them by the end of high school, but in my heart, I still have a special fondness for starships and idealism.

Out of all of the characters - Kirk, Picard, Bones, Troy, Sulu, Geordi, Data... well, in all honesty, Scotty never really stood out.

Until he continued. Until he showed up again, and again, each time with fearless good cheer and a convincing imitation of a Scottish joy of life. As I grew older and more familiar with all the various actors, he suddenly stood out. He was the one that wasn't a self-centered prick, who was unfailingly proud of his Trekkiness.

I felt real sadness when he retired from the con-going scene, even though I've never been to a con which had him, or even seen him in person. And today, I'm sad he died.

Even if you are not a trekkie, remember that one beloved by nearly all geeks died.

It feels like the end of an era.

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