Monday, July 11, 2005


Disclaimer: I am blond. Or, at least, I was until about the age of 17. Now my hair is kind of... hair colored. If this trend continues, I'll have midnight black hair by forty.

That said, what is this obsession with blondes?

Because nothing says "I are smart" quite like dying your hair to make people think you're ten IQ points more ditzy, and then PROVING it by being too stupid and lazy to maintain it. It's even worse with blond "streaks".

Why did they use a fake blonde to advertise their college? I dunno, although she is not a particuarly vapid-looking example of fake blonde.

This bizarre obsession litters the west coast. Almost ALL the brown-haired girls in downtown Seattle are brown haired only in their root 1". Are people ATTRACTED to this? If so, that makes me very sad, since at its core this is a woman saying, "I am too stupid to compete with you. Treat me like meat, tee hee!"

Out of the girls I've met, a high percentage have been extremely bright. Tellingly, none of these had their hair dyed blond. All the fake blondes I've met have been, at best, modestly bright.

So, please, for the love of intellect, don't dye your hair blond!

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