Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Future of Content (Boring Version)

Some of you are familiar with the work I actually get paid for. For those of you who aren't: I make database-driven web pages.

My software is similar to Ruby on Rails in regards to this. Mine has a lot more automation than Ruby on Rails does, but theirs has more features - after all, it's far more mature. Mine also requires zero coding - everything is done in a GUI interface that's fully compatible with all tested browsers to date.

I've gotten a lot done, really. The suite is functional now, although not polished and missing a few capabilities.

But I'm beginning to think it might be easier just to switch to Ruby on Rails. I mean, it's a pretty slick little package. Once I learn it, I might be able to create a fully graphical interface variant.

But - DAMN! - I really hate giving up. I mean, my software works. It's pretty slick. Version six - the version I'm currently programming - is better than Rails for most development purposes. But it's still got a lot of devving left to do, and afterwards I'll want to make version seven, using more Java for drag-n-drop goodness...

I'm gonna try Rails. So ver 6 is temporarily on hold, until I've dissected Rails. Hopefully, Rails will kick patookis, and I can drop my own software and enhance Rails to the level I want.

Edit: If I can get it to freaking INSTALL. Oh, come on, this is pathetic!

Edit 2: I got it to install. Of course, I can't get the Windows version to work, and my Linux machine is pure command line, so we'll see how this works out...


Paul Watson said...

Release your version 6 to the wild and see what others think. Someone may pick it up and help you get it to a point where it is a competitor to RoR.

Craig Perko said...

Hmmm. That might be worthwhile. Given what I've seen so far, I may have to do that. Rails is missing some capabilities I find necessary.

I'll study Rails for another day or two first, though. It'll be another month at least before version six is ready to be open sourced, even if I don't take the days to study Rails.

Darius Kazemi said...

Just reading back through the logs... I really like Ruby on Rails. A lot.