Monday, June 13, 2005

Weekend Summary: Lost Disk and Found Sister

I didn't get nearly as much done as I wanted to on this weekend, and I can't even show you screenshots of my new weapons because I lost my flash drive on that Cape Cod weekend.

Also, much of my time was spent with family, as we had a HUGE get together on Sunday. That's always fun, but Sunday evening is my most productive time of the weekend.

So, crap, that's essentially TWO wasted weekends.

Still, progress is being made. Next step: make the current continuous progression into 'levels'. Then I have to figure out some way of making bosses that won't take me ten hours a boss to code.

On the other hand, I MAY be putting the game on back burner to hurry ver. 6 of my database management system. Vers. 4&5 work fine for the company I'm currently with, but I got a lead for another possibility, and I'd like to use ver. 6 for them - it's a much more impressive product with a lot more automation and easy customization.

And there you have it. Really edge-of-your-seat stuff, ain't it?

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