Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Four Days of Random Crap!

This post has nothing useful in it.

Those of you who know me may know that both caffeine withdrawal and sunburns make me sleepy. Yesterday, I had both. Yesterday, I spent virtually every horizontal moment sleeping. That was a lot of moments.

So, as you can see, my work wasn't exactly up to snuff. I was very tired, so excuse the poorness of the drawings. I also had some very strange dreams about a boy with a satchel full of invulnerable dishware.

That has nothing to do with my dream, but I'm not entirely sure I was awake while doodling it.

In case you didn't notice, I got a new flash drive, so now I can once again regale you with terrible sketches!

Some of you may have heard that we here in Seattle had a bit of a tiff outside the federal courthouse. A man with a "dud" hand grenade (read: "fake") was shot and killed. The man had a cutting board in his backback, which was strapped to his chest - evidently, he thought this would protect him from bullet wounds.

He was a known whack-job. I'm totally fine with him being shot and killed, but the moment someone says this is a reason to upgrade the security of our government centers, I smack them upside the head.

The reason I mention this is because it happened across the street from me. If I had been alert, I would have been able to walk over to our window and look down over it. Point of fact, it happened within an hour of me having a relaxing decaf coffee with a work buddy at a table five meters from the shootout location.

That makes me all sortsa special, don't it?

On Sunday, I had the fun experience of having a sunroof suddenly break, getting sucked piece by piece out the roof and into our wake. That makes me even more special!

I'm just a special kinda guy, I suppose.

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