Tuesday, April 10, 2007

NASCAR Convert!

Yes, as we speak, I am sitting watching NASCAR. On two screens simultaneously!

Okay, no, not really.

My development computer, kindly purchased by Darius to lure me into the office each morning (if you can call it "morning"), has two monitors. He got a really great deal on them, and it's clear why: they are painted all over with NASCAR logos and checkered flags.

Oh, and the keyboard was French. (Twiddle mustachios) Hohn-hohn-hoh! Their left shift key is a poor, battered thing sharing its place with the deformed bastard child of the < and > keys. Not to mention the various keys shacking up in all sorts of unlikely places. It's a wild, crazy place, France.

The keyboard is easy enough to fix. But the monitors?

I guess I'm stuck as a NASCAR fan.

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