Friday, April 20, 2007

I had lunch today...

And my waiter looked exactly like Phil Plait. But in a kilt.

It was strange.

What, not game related enough?

I'm making visualizations of how Quake III is played, tracking the players in how they move, what they pick up, what they shoot, when they die... it's fun. It's supposed to be here, but apparently somebody's been slackin'.

It's not the one you see there. Mine is written in .net 3.0. With WPF.

I have learned that the hoops that MS makes you jump through to do development get smaller and further away with every iteration. Now you need maps, and MS doesn't provide any maps.

I'm not happy about that. I'm very much a "let me program" sort of person rather than a "oooh, force me to maintain good code practices by enforcing eight levels of abstraction" sort of person. :P


Philip said...

That's funny. I was waitering at my Scottish restaurant, and I had a customer who looked just like you.

Craig Perko said...

Was it the one with truly prodigious numbers of beers?