Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Everyone's so cheerful today. In the city of Boston, thousands of un-protesters have joined an anti-riot and cheerfully gone about their daily business.

Analysts are concerned that this manic good-will could result in radical, crippling changes to city traffic patterns. Police have been dispatched to major intersections to heckle the drivers into resuming their customary massholery.


Olick said...

Wait. Is massholery mass assholery, or massachusetts assholery?

Craig Perko said...

Basically, we use it to refer to the way people drive up here. I think that entry is out of date.

Olick said...

Its a trademark too?

The article does mention "dangerous driving habits".

The article makes me wonder just how different the north is from the south.

Craig Perko said...

Well, I've been all over, and MA drivers have a unique flavor. But they're not the worst drivers! That's reserved for PA.