Monday, November 03, 2008

The "Science" Section

I stopped by Borders today on my way somewhere and looked at their "science" section.

I was a little bit proud of them. Last time I'd seen a "science" section, it was full of blatantly non-science and anti-science books, such as books on aliens, crystal healing, young-earth creationism, etc.

This time there was less of that. But instead of replacing them with SCIENCE BOOKS, they replaced them with biographies of scientists, primarily Einstein. Literally 1/3 of their entire "science" section was biographies of scientists. Most of the rest were popular not-quite-science books falling somewhere between coffee-table books and light reading. They had more picture books (space pictures, mostly) than actual science books.

I don't mean text books. I just mean books with some level of scientific rigor. Some level above zero, to be more specific.

Well, it's better than before. Baby steps, as Bob would say.

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