Monday, August 20, 2007


I am known for my party animal nature in much the same way a wombat is known for his berserker rages. That is to say, I don't do parties, and alcohol just makes the headaches start earlier and end worse.

Still, if I had passed up the Bioshock "Appreciation Party", I probably would have been stabbed to death by feral game design students, so I went. I didn't stay terribly long, as the post time indicates. As I mentioned: headaches.

Anyhow, it was a really nice party. It doesn't take "swankiest", that goes to Intel. But it certainly wins in "models dressed in blood and cancer pretending to be mannequins".

I got myself injected with apple tequila, shamelessly stole a glowing swizzle stick, admired the giant big daddy, avoided the consoles set up with the game (I'm'a gonna play it tomorrow), and convinced someone to send me pictures. It's hard to overstate the ambiance of the place: the whole club was redone to be Rapturous. Pictures will show that, I'm sure.

The big thing for me was a TARDIS in the corner. Yehaw! Apparently the club has one by default. Now that's one hell of a cool club.

Then I went home. I'm a party animal!

Edit: here are some pictures, although they aren't the ones I want. Those "mannequins" aren't.

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