Saturday, August 04, 2007

It Was a Very Boston Day

This is a very dumb anecdotal post.

Today was very hot. So I went down to Cambridge to see what there was to see. If that decision seems strange, it's because it was hot: my brain wasn't working.

The sights of Cambridge were pretty much normal, save for the shimmering in the air. But there was something new. The most phenomenal smell. Like rotting vomit. It was the most amazing thing, and so prevalent all across the square I thought it might be coming from my coffee cup. To test this theory I walked to the river, believing that if the smell cleared up, it was probably safe to drink the coffee. Again, it was hot: my brain wasn't working.

Western crosses the river twice on the way to where I live, meaning that it actually takes you to the same side of the river you started on. Instead of hiking the depressingly urban length of Western, I decided to follow the river. After all, it would take me back to Western in the fullness of time. At this point, the heat had learned self preservation and was largely trying to keep me off of Western so I wouldn't catch an air-conditioned bus and recover my sanity.

I actually am not sure how long the walk was. All I know for sure is that my iced coffee turned into hot coffee before the trek was complete. But it was evidently a good day for being outside: everywhere I looked, people were draped on the grass or squatting on benches, crowded into tiny but overpopulated parties or onto kayaks. I realized that the heat might be getting to me when I noticed that, instead of ogling the various fleshy bits that people like to irradiate, I was carefully spying on book covers. Looking for titles that would spark my interest.

A hula party and one wheat field maze later, the river came back to Western and I limped towards home. Again, I forewent the bus, because the heat still had its claws in my head.

But it could not prevent me from searching for liquids, my coffee having long since boiled away.

Did you know that the Target eatery charges the same amount for a hot dog as it does for a hot dog and drink? It's same with sandwiches.

Madness! Maaaadness!

So then I got home and wrote a novelette about the various theoretical approaches to succeeding in life. Because I'm such a good example, you see.

And, of course, every personal post on every blog ever has to have a cat in it. So, yesterday, I was in a place that had two cats in it. EXCITING!

This is now officially a cat blog. Until tomorrow. Until half an hour ago, as it's 12:30.

I apologize for this post.

It's hot. My brain doesn't work.


Patrick said...

Ron Paul 2008!

Ok, the balanced has resumed.

Craig Perko said...

He looks like a cross between Ben Kenobi and Underdog.

I'm afraid that his libertarian views will not get him voted in. The general public thinks they are too cold. Of course, the general public has all the intelligence of a screwdriver, so that doesn't say much.

Unfortunately, he's not a libertarian, he's a republican. Which basically means, in this case, that he's a xenophobic, highly religious libertarian.

Which means that his stand on science and religion are just about diametrically opposed to mine, and those are the only issues I really care about.