Friday, March 30, 2007


Sorry, I'm busy moving and starting a new job. Or, as the song says,

Just moved to my new house today!
Movin' was hard but I got squared away...
'Till I seen something that give me the creep!
Had ah-one big eye and ah-two big feet!

Well, except that I'm in the middle of moving (about to kill the computer, actually) and I haven't yet seen anything with ah-two big feet recently except Darius.

I imagine that I'll give you some more of my ultra-high-end theorizing this weekend. Wouldn't want to miss it! I'll even use words like "disinclined" and "quiescence", just to make it worth the wait.

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Patrick said...

In the spirit of radical transparency, I hope to read lots of posts on game metrics theory in coming months.