Thursday, March 15, 2007

Working with Games

Darren insists I have something to say about why I want to work with games.

The answer is: I don't! Want to work with games, that is. I have lots to say. But games? Not so much.

I just like dopamine.

Therefore, I have to build. I haven't really found any other way to get my dopamine fix. I have to build, and I have to build things that give me that "new" sparkle.

I love writing, drawing, games, and software tools. They seem to be the most efficient way to a dopamine fix. I actually don't prefer building one over another. But I seem to be best at (live) games.

And to maximize my rush, they have to be as fresh and interesting as possible. So I never stand still, and repeating myself is painfully boring.

That's why I do games.


Patrick said...

So that explains it. ;)

Anonymous said...

Work with games sometimes increase the efficiency of working. Like listening of music increase the efficiency of working of many people. Therefore, it depends on person to person.


Darren Torpey said...

I'm not exactly sure what makes you say that being aware of your underlying pursuit of dopamine means you "don't want to" work with games.

One of the points I was trying to make in my original post is that you can track my desire to work with games to my more general desires for what I want in my life. Perhaps I described those needs less succinctly than "dopamine" but that doesn't necessarily mean that I want to work with games and you don't, at least not from my perspective.

Besides being a game developer, I might also call myself and painter, writer, or philosopher at any given time. Whether you or I see games as any better a means to dopamine than other pursuits doesn't seem too important to me. It's enough to know that you like working with games because you desire that kind of psychophysiological response and they are an efficient means for you to get to it.

So thanks for sharing. =)

Craig Perko said...

Ha, well, games are a pain in the ass. I hate people. But, they are the most efficient way...

I'm overly snarky because I've been up for ages and it has snowed a foot in the past four hours.