Thursday, August 17, 2006

Mush! Faster!

There's a lot of advice out there as to how to do the things you want to do better. I have decided that my purpose will be to teach you how to do things faster.

Instead of drawing one great picture, draw three mediocre ones. Instead of programming the next blockbuster game, make three tiny ones. Instead of writing a book, write three short stories.

Here's five reasons to do it my way:

1) Practice makes perfect, and you'll be getting more of it.

2) Diversity: you can try three times as many approaches and choose the best elements of each.

3) Attention span: it's easy to get bored on a project that takes weeks. Not so much if it takes only days or hours or minutes.

4) Internet and classroom audiences are easier to keep using lots of small chunks rather than a few large chunks.

5) Gives you more time to do other things with your life.

Bonus sixth, if you don't like the "mediocre":

6) It's much easier to polish a small, focused work than a big, rambling one.


Patrick Dugan said...

It happens to coincide with the most viable buisiness plan I can imagine, but this is exactly why I'm starting with a three character demo (and probably a few one to two character protos before that.

Duncan said...

Enter Agile development strategies. I agree, keep it small, keep it simple, do it fast. You'll get faster, better, and build of a library of resources for the future that will allow you to do larger work faster too.