Thursday, August 24, 2006

Massive Sales

Slashdot says stuff about the Eve Online scam. The author also says:

"700 Billion ISK, which might raise some $119,000 USD if sold on Ebay"

Please remember, folks, these aren't boundless economies. If you sold 700 billion ISK on ebay, or even 7 billion ISK, the price of ISK would drop and the game-side economy would suffer inflation.

700 billion ISK is not a saleable number. It's like trying to sell all of Japan.


Tide (Adam MacDonald) said...

yeah, but the point is laundered over several alts, it could easily result in $110k. With that amount of ISK he could easily open his own IGE for Eve. And frankly, watching the video and learning about the scam, I can totally see that kind of personality having the self-organization and patience to do just that. So, it is a little over dramatic, but that amount of ISK being stolen by one player I think is a terrible in-game inbalance. And afterall, what I think is really gross about it is that he used the out-of-game official forums to do it. He used the goodwill that the forums were there for non-magic_circle discussion to scam people.

GregT said...

As I understand it, the money was just scammed, not actually extracted from the game via some exploit. It's all money that previously belonged to players, so it's no new amount in circulation.

So a) he's a bit of a dick, and b) given the emphasis on trading in EVE, when the guy says on the forums "I win Eve" he may have something there.

Craig Perko said...

Still, even if it were in circulation, it cannot be sold for RMT in that amount. I mean, that would be like every house in Massachusetts going on sale at once.