Saturday, March 04, 2006

Your Doom Has Arrived!

Well, it's kind of rocky as I get towards the end of the movie. You would be rocky, too, having to review it in this detail. All the important lessons happen fairly early, so all that's left in the last five pages is spite.

I'll probably refine it someday. It's pretty freaking rough as it is.

Here's the pdf of Doom: The Movie: The Dissection, weighing in at a slim, trim seventeen pages. Read it while watching the movie, I say. Otherwise, I have no idea how you'll make it through all the endless pages.

If you want the 22 pages of notes I took, here's Doom: The Movie: The Original Dissection Notes.

Feel free to comment here if you manage to make it through the essay. It is chock-full of goodness, but it's also chock-full of stumbling and yelling. You get what you pay for, I guess.


Eric Poulton said...

Very good review/essay! It sums up pretty much what I thought of the movie, but never bothered delving this deeply into why I thought it. I believe when my friend asked what I thought of the movie my words were, "It was this close to being really good."

The essay was a little hard to read at times, as I saw the movie in theatres 5 months ago, so my memory about certain parts was rather fuzzy. I'm not planning on buying or renting it on DVD, so watching it as I read wasn't really an option. I think a little bit more description of the scene you're talking about would've been nice for people like me.

Nonetheless, it was an enjoyable read, much like your in-depth review of Doom 3.

Eric Poulton

Craig Perko said...

Hm. I just figured my readers would use the internet. It's not just for porn, you know.

Anyhow, it's definitely hard to read. I think if you were watching the movie, it would have been an easier read. In later versions, if I ever make them, I'll make it easier to read.

Eric Poulton said...

Heh, I don't know why I didn't think of that.

Eric Poulton

Duncan said...

Well, if I ever rent and watch this movie (doubtful), then I'll be sure to grab this for the read-along pleasure. That there is a lot of reading.

Craig Perko said...

No one ever accused me of not being thorough!

Anyhow, it doesn't make much sense if you've never seen the movie. You might still learn something, but it'll be like wading through a cranberry bog. Something I have personal experience with.

Anonymous said...

"Goat should have caught the tongue."

This scene would've made the movie for me. This is Rorschach's death in Watchmen. This is Tetsugyu's death in Giant Robo.

This is... jeez. My mind is blanking. Serenity? I keep thinking of scenes where badasses don't die, and those are nice too, but they're not quite as effective.

Craig Perko said...

Yeah, that's why I was so incredibly pissed that they didn't do it.