Friday, March 24, 2006


This week's escapist was a very welcome change from their normal fare.

An article on Rubacava brought us right back around to the round table on what "home" is. I jump up and down to note that his experience is just one more which seems to agree with the "orbit" theory of home. Right on, N. Evan van Zelfden! (And, as I'm sure you're heard, awesome name.)

An article on difficulty brings a long-ago post on how narrative games cause a decline in challenging gameplay into sharp effect. I could dig that post up, if anyone's interested.

Magic Words is a good essay on creating emotion and investment using illusion. In my opinion, we're to the stage where we can have actual results instead of illusionary ones, especially if we include a "home" for the players. Still, a good essay.

Honestly, I didn't find Warren Spector's "celebrity spotlight" to be very interesting. But, I bet a lot of people did, so I'm still going to count it as a solid essay. :)

So, hey, good issue, Escapist. Now, if only you could keep this level of content up...

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