Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Woo! Ludic vs Narrative!

So, ludic vs narrative has been done into the ground so much that the only way to talk about it is like this.

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Patrick Dugan said...

I think the semiotics of that cartoon ring pretty well, but I am what staunch ludologists would call a narrativist, I guess. The T-Rex is both an antiquated dinosaur doomed to extinction and a hunting addict, which the smaller dinosaur is more agile and omnivourous. The debate really is deadlocked by binary views of game vs. story, when really its like the difference between meat and veggies, you need both for a balanced diet (or nutrient bars, in your case).

Of course, I think the spectrum between ludic and paidic is a more interesting one to consider than games vs. story.

I'm somewhat dreading the upcoming Escapist issue on the debate as being unreadable, we'll see.