Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A game...

Well, I suffered a harrowing setback on Machine City. So, I took an afternoon off to do a little relaxing.

You can find the result here. I call it "Rettamitna". It's free, of course.


Patrick Dugan said...

303.039, first try.

Thats why I think Alea would be a really hot name for a girl.

Condolances on losing your work, I e-mailed your "Personality 'Doubling'" post to a friend of mine, the guy writing the screenplay for the drop-out allstar franchise I mentioned below, and he totally dug it. He even asked me "where do you find this stuff?" See, he's got this character, Rex Montauk, that serves as a sort of alter ego which emerges in the middle of the L.A. drug hurricane, so it hit real close to home for him.

Craig Perko said...

Cool, both on the score and on the friend. He is, of course, invited to comment and/or email me. :)

If you have any thoughts on the gameplay of Rettamitna, just let me know. I love discussing that kind of thing, even just on a three hour project.