Monday, January 02, 2006


I want to compile samples of every kind of art I can find, with a concentration on things which can be drawn or "cartooned". For many kinds of art, this is simple: tracking down examples of Classic Marvel or Velvet Elvis is relatively straight forward. The tough part comes when you want the less well-known art types. Like the plethora of indie cartoonists, or scribbles by fashion designers, or the hundreds of ancient native art styles...

The problem is poor keywording. Searching for "cartoon", "picture", "art", etc will turn up a zillion things that aren't what you want, such as political cartoons, real photographs, and illegible "modern art" sculpture.

If you have any suggestions or links, post 'em!


Darius Kazemi said...

Cartoon encyclopedia:

Very, very, very useful. Every article has an illustration, although it might not be the quality you want. But at least you can track down cartoon styles and get better keywords for your searches.

Craig Perko said...

A great place to start, thanks! I'll look into it.