Monday, December 05, 2005

The Secret of Seattle

I've been in this city for two years. Now that I'm just about ready to leave it, I finally figured out the secret to success in Seattle:

Chocolate coins.

I bought some chocolate coins for a boy's birthday, and on the way home I was repeatedly stopped by people who were impressed by my chocolate coins in their shiny gold Kennedy-wrapper.

One lady even said she would "follow me forever". Others just told me how cool I was to buy chocolate coins, and begged me for one (a nice change from begging for real coins, and a much higher quality clientele).

The boy, of course, loved them.

So, there you go. Chocolate coins: the smartest candy money can buy.


Patrick Dugan said...

Nice, almost as good as pheremone cologne, but more generally platonic.

I'm curious Craig, where is it you are moving to?

Craig Perko said...

Worcester, MA.

I know people there.

Patrick Dugan said...

Well thats where Kazemi is, so I suppose that counts for about a whole population of indie gaming pros.

I bet some exciting gaming ventures are going to come out of that town ;)

Craig Perko said...

Well, he doesn't live in Worcester itself anymore, if I understand right. And he'll be busy for at least 4.5 more months.

But, yeah, he's one of the guys I know.

Patrick Dugan said...

Hey, you should write an article for the Escapist's upcoming February issue on internet communities, you could bring your perspective on darknets to the table. The content deadline is Feb 7th, they pay a quarter a word, which is just sweet.

Craig Perko said...

Hm. There's a few problems with that idea, but I might do something like that.