Saturday, December 31, 2005

Home again, home again, jiggety jig!

Or, rather, home for the first time.

It's not as nice as Seattle, but I have high hopes for the people here. And, hey, if I really can't stand it, I'm not committed for a very long time.

You would laugh if I told you what I had to do to get my home computer connected to the internet here. Perhaps you'll laugh harder to know that this particular computer has been disconnected from the internet for so long that it's (A) still using explorer and (B) using a version so old that everything looks freakish. Firefox, here I come!

Unless someone has a better suggestion...

I'll post more, later. Right now, it's dinner time!


Textual Harassment said...

It's not really your home until you have your PC up and running. I'm glad you're getting settled in.

I feel obligated to take this opportunity to plug Opera for a web browser. It's free now, with no ads. I tried Firefox once but soon went running back.

Craig Perko said...

Thanks. I've got a couple hundred of things to do before I'm "settled", but hopefully things will work out fine.

I'll look into Opera.