Friday, December 02, 2005

Amazon Implements My Idea!

I don't think they copied it from me, but nonetheless, I had the idea before they released it. I suggested it as a Google thing.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

Amazon's new "Artificial Artificial Intelligence" system.

Which acts quite a lot like my idea. Except, of course, that Amazon is using money, where I wanted to use psychology.

My explicit idea was the Google Search Game, but Amazon didn't go that far with their "Mechanical Turk". Still, I'm going to pretend that's a flaw on their part, rather than mine. :D



Patrick Dugan said...

Congratulations on being a genuis and not making any money off it... seriously though it is a great feeling to have vital insights and see them flourish in reality.

Textual Harassment said...

This is amazing! I've made 32 cents so far identifying music albums and I've only spent...(looks at watch) ...oh, looks like I can't give up my job hunt just yet.

The amazing thing is people are competing so hard for 2 and 3 cents at a time. People are writing bots to snap up the avaiable "HITs" dozens at a time. Give people a system and they'll squeeze it until there's nothing more to get out of it. Wonder if I can subcontract this out to China and make myself a little easy profit...

Craig Perko said...

Well, their theory is that so long as it gets done, they're fine no matter who does it. My theory was to get as many people voluntarily creating AND performing such tasks for free as possible.

Theirs is a provider-based limit: they'll never have more tasks than people submit. Mine is a buyer-based limit: as many as people want to do, they do.

I do like mine a bit better...