Thursday, February 14, 2008


On a COMPLETELY unrelated note...

So, there's a marketing blitz in the building where I work. Attractive, professional-looking women are giving out free bottles of Tava. For those of you who haven't seen it, it comes in a slim little can and has a Starbucky feel to the font.

It's what I call a "marketing drink". Some drinks have an advantage because of their ingredients: for example, Honest Tea has the word "organic" in front of nearly every ingredient. Even things like flavored Coke sell because of their flavor.

Tava doesn't have any ingredients worth noting. It's got some vitamins in it, but we're not talking about anything that will do much good: 15% of your daily allowance of chromium and B6? WHEEEE!

The rest of the ingredients are marvelous things like aspartame and acesulfame potassium. Standard Pepsico ingredients, minus the caffeine.

What does it taste like?

Dunno, let's crack it open.



If you like Three Musketeers chocolate milk, you'll like Tava. It has that same chemical taste that some people apparently can't taste. To me, it's pretty close to undrinkable (just like that chocolate milk) because it tastes like chewing tin foil.

There you go, your official Pointless Review of the month.


Patrick said...

Aspartame has been shown to multiply the odds of late-in-life brain tumors in mice. While that is only a correlation, it seems like something people would want to avoid. Sugarless gum can be just as fatal as smoking.

Jason O said...

Standard Pepsico ingredients, minus the caffeine.

Well then what's the point?

If I'm going to spend money to destroy my short term memory I should at least get caffeine while I destroy my short term memory on my nickel.

Anonymous said...

Did we try the same drink? I thought the Tava drinks had a fruity flavor. I definitely didn't think they were chocolate-y. I really like them though, esp. because they are caffeine free.

Craig Perko said...

They're definitely fruity, not chocolatey!

But they have the same sharp chemical taste behind them.

Out of the two, I prefer Tava.