Monday, February 11, 2008

Life, the Universe, and Everything

I wrote an essay in parable form. So exciting! It even has cartoons. I don't claim they are funny, or that compression was kind to them.

If you want to know today's thoughts on game design, you can read them here.

If the story seems autobiographical, I assure you that's just a whimsy of your mind. After all, I was born from a skydiving Gypsy who fought to steal back treasures from the Nazis, and by the age of six I was already traveling back in time to hunt raptors.


Patrick said...

You've softened your edge, I hope to see more of this trend toward enlightenment.

Craig Perko said...

Look, Patrick, I'm not doing this to please you or anyone else, and I'm certainly not approaching some pre-ordained point of enlightenment.

I'd appreciate you not assigning any of your pseudo-religious bullshit to me. Seriously, I can't stand it.

Patrick said...

Haha, glad to see you're still on.