Monday, November 05, 2007

We Will Throw Eggs At You

This isn't the sort of article I normally link to, because I'm not a big fan of politics. I try to avoid politics on this blog, because it would be needlessly polarizing.

But... it's Lawyers Gone Wild. I want to make this game.

"We threatened them saying: ‘You’ve taken an unconstitutional oath, if you don’t go we will throw eggs at you.’ They left,” said a lawyer from Multan, Riaz Gilani.

Micromanage your lawyer population. Protect your criminal trial lawyers until they are needed. Attack with waves of law-student shock troops!

Send torts! Import fancy foreign lawyers! Research robo-lawyer! Humiliate your oppressors! Defend civil liberties... WITH YOUR TONGUES!


Patrick said...

I bet one could make something like that in Flash quite cheaply, particularly where I'm at.

Craig Perko said...

I've got too much on my docket...

The good news is I'm making great progress on a new Turing game. :D