Sunday, October 28, 2007


Okay, I want you to go to Tafiti. Search for... say, "Halo3". (Gee, just at random.)

Search for, say, random letters. "tewuj". "g4r". "feag".

Now search for "nude".

Hee hee. What version of the net are they using?


Adrian Lopez said...

I don't wish to download Silverlight right now. Care to share what I'm supposed to be seeing?

Craig Perko said...

Sorry, I forgot it used Silverlight. I had to use it for work...

Anyway, it's basically a standard search - probably based on Google results - so you get 30 million results or whatever.

Except "nude": "No results found".

There be no nude people on the MS version of the internets!

Adrian Lopez said...

Ah. Web 2.0--;