Saturday, October 13, 2007

Demo Two

Edit: Updated the prototype. Now it supports a more "ecological" system and multiple-brushstroke entities.

After drawing, scroll your mousewheel down to plant what you drew. This will also change all your brushes. Scroll your mousewheel up to discard whatever you just drew. That doesn't cycle your brushes.

Because of egregious slowdown, only one entity can grow at a time. The others will grow: it's a first come, first serve queue.

You can click on an entity to delete it. This allows you to prune "ugly" mutations. However, this may turn out to be awkward, because Flash's hitTest system leaves much to be desired. :P

Next step: make multi-brushstrokes "adhere" to each other instead of drifting independently. This is also a first step towards layered entities...

Original post:

Here's the flash prototype for my paint game, part two. This version has better brush variation and a basic system of evolution: when you stroke with a brush, it will grow in the background. The game makes a wild guess as to whether it's supposed to float or grow from the ground.

Still very prototypy, but I felt like sharing it. You can get some really nifty things out of it.

Obviously, there's a lot of work left to be done... but I have some good ideas.


Matthew Rundle said...

I'm still not sure what I'm supposed to be doing with this thing. The brushes conspire against anyone with the audacity to try and draw things with them.

Craig Perko said...

At the moment, there really isn't anything to do: it's just a doodle machine. However, if you are having specific irritations, I'd like to hear them.

Kevin said...

I actually managed to draw something approaching elegant in this version! A big help though would be the ability to actively remove certain shapes. Right now any mistake will ruin whatever you are trying to do.

Craig Perko said...

I agree. I'm going to add the ability to undo, but at the moment the ability to click is irritating. Flash's hitTest function checks bounding boxes rather than actual boundaries, so I have to manually calculate out hits, and that's slow.

But I will actually be adding an edit capability, as well. It'll be interesting.